Flow Hive


Have you purchased a Flow Hive ???

If your one of the many people in Melbourne Victoria who has purchased a Flow Hive but has never had a beehive previously then I am here to help.

The Flow Hive is a device placed on top of a normal beehive to help with the extraction of honey without disturbing the bees in the traditional manner that requires removal of frames and extraction of honey away from the hive.  I offer training in bee husbandry to help people understand how to look after there bees and how to maintain there new FlowHive extractor. 

The Flow Hive extractor will require maintenance from time to time which means it will need to be removed from the hive, cleaned and then placed back onto the hive at various intervals. 

The Flow Hive will need to be removed over winter and cleaned before storage during winter then being placed back on the hive in spring.

Management of the bees for disease and swarming will need to be carried out at various times during the year and I can help you to understand what’s required and when it’s required.

In most countries and here in Australia there is a code of practice that needs to be understood and this lays down the basic legal requirements for beekeepers and what they need to do to comply with the law and to keep your neighbours happy.

No two bee colonies are exactly the same and as to how your bees perform using the Flow Hive will be extremely variable from Hive to Hive and the many factors that exist in the bee’s ability to produce a Honey Flow can vary wildly from location to location and season to season.

Urbane backyard beekeeping is becoming very popular and its one of the most amazing hobbies anyone can have but it does require some knowledge and a little bit of your time to maintain a healthy happy colony of bees.

I train people in the use of organic none chemical methods of bee husbandry that allows for the best quality honey and healthy bees.

Training is in South Eastern Melbourne Victoria Australia