Our first box of bees

Collected in the Second week of October 2013

Those buzzing little buzzy bees had us watching them for hours. This first swarm remains as our pride and joy in the bee yard and is now housed in one of my deluxe hand crafted super insulated fantastically magical condominium super Beehives, and I think they like it as well!!!! J

Collected from a hanging branch was and remains one of the easiest swarm collections we have ever had. This led us to a series of false beliefs that have now been truly crushed.

Yes some swarms are nice and easy but most require a little jiggery pokery to get right combined with a little luck. Like the time I drove 40 minutes down to Frankston only to find the swarm had already left the property, “the one that got away” because I decided to have dinner before going down. Bees wait for no man.  I have the picture to prove it and yes it was a huge swarm enough to fill 2 or 3 boxes and dragging the tree branch amost to the ground.

The first hive looked very lonely when first placed in the new bee yard

Right from the beginning I wanted to try different things and we installed the first hive with round hole entrance’s instead of the standard platform entrance. Because there was no moisture escape opening in the bottom board this had the effect of holding moisture in the bottom of the box and before we knew what was happening the colony had swarmed 2 times before we changed the box to a standard opening and then later to the Delux hive where they are prospering very nicely indeed.


Our first box of bees all alone in the newly created bee yard


Mesmerised by the bees

The fasination had set in


Our new bee suits had arrived from China

New smokers and queen excluders from China

From then on we were willing to collect bees from almost anywhere

Yes even garbage bins

Compost bins

Seeing all the bees march into the box from a compost bin was just magic

With the bees doing there little wagle dance to tell the others where moving into a new home

Even before we collected our first swarm we started makeing and preparing for the time that would come.

Making frames in Huss's shed


 Making and painting hive lids and basses

We call it boxy

Freshly painted boxes

Huss hard at work making beehives  :)

Frame making and hive making is daily like for the buzzy beekeeper who wants to keep expanding the number of hives

Creativity of kids

Bee candle :)

Some old beeswax from a possom box hive collection