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Bees love Compost Bins


So why do bees love compost bins

Bees are nature cavity dwellers and will live in any available cavity that offers them shelter from the elements

Compost bins are from there perspective a rather nice place to live

Unfortunately most compost bins will overheat in summer and freeze easily during winter so maybe its not such a good choice

This is a swarm that I collected earlier today and proved quite easy to get the bees into there now new home

A reasonable number of bees but becouse the owner had lifted the lid the day before and exposed the small amount of new brood they had it had all died.

As bees only live for 3 to 6 weeks or so in summer they have already lost 1 or 2 weeks in the compost bin and almost all these bees will be dead before the queen can raise a new batch of bees to replace them.  To help mitigate this problem I stole a frame of brood and honey from one of my other hives and placed it in the hive with the new swarm and this should allow the queen and the swarm to get back into productive breeding much quicker as bee numbers will not drop off so dramaticly and plenty of comb for her to lay eggs as the new bees emerge.


 Lid was removed and here they are haning to the comb on the lid

They had made some honey comb hanging from the lid

 Inside the compost bin bees had started making honey comb on the side of the wallnow detached from the lid

Inside compost bin close up

Ball of bees on lid had been exposed to the elements for a full day


Some video of the Compost bin and the swarm now in two locations


Honey comb was attached to both the wall and the lid of the compost bin and was probably 2 weeks old

I did find small amount of new brood that was about 5 days old



After getting the queen into the box i realised I had to creat a bridge to the new Hive entrance using my bee brush (It was all i had to use) and about halfway through the video you can see they made a collective decision to go for it and enter the box

I went off and had a coffee and 30 minutes later they were all in the box