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Possom found dehydrated and near death


As i was leaving the bee yard I noticed a possom on the ground stumbling around in a complet daze as he had fallen out of the tree due to water dehydration in the extreem temperature of the day.

I went and found hime some water and he happyly accepted me tipping water all over him.

After a few hours my friend Raynard came and as he was still alive he managed to feed him some water through a staw and after about 10 straws of water he up and ran back into the trees

I took a little bit of video of the possom here so you can see for yourself that all animals were suffering not only my bees.



Here he is stumbling around next to the fence



I poored water on him and he simmply gave up trying to run and accepted all my efforts


I am ver happy he survived