Taking temperatures of the hives during extreem hot weather


So the question i wanted to know was did the Hand built hives offer any extra protection for the bees on these extreem weather days

It turned out that the difference was around 1 to 3 degrees lower in my Hand Crafted beehives compared to the standard commercial Langstroth Hives.

Is this significant ????  Answer is YES

This difference can be all the difference in the world for the bees and lessend the load requiremnt per bee to work like crazy faning and cooling the hive.

When temperatures stay lower in the hive brood production can continue and each individual bee will live longer.

I am led to believe that Hot extreem temperatures can shorten the life of a bee by several weeks, so anything that lessens there load helps the colony as a whole and allows each bee to live a longer and better life.

With my Hand made hives I could get a temperature reading directly below the roof top but not for the Langstroth hives where the temperature reading is several inches below the roof lid.  As you go from the top of the hive to the bottom there were temperature differences of around 10c Degrees with my hand made hives but only around 5 to 6 degrees difference in the langstroth hives.

The first picture is showing the temperature in my car as i arrived at the bee yard of 49.6c degrees in my car. 

Thats with no Aircon in the old van and driving with all the windows down.



 Temperature in my car as i arrived at the bee yard of 49.6c degress or 121.28F degrees


 When i first put the probe under the roof

 Took a minute to show a more correct reading of 46.9c degrees directly under the roof lid

 Several inches from roof lid temperature in langstroth hive was 42.5c degrees

 In this hive the roof is double layered and the temperature of 42.9c degrees is much lower than the blue hive lid which is only single layered.


Temperature settled at 42.8c degrees


Video showing temperature inside the entrance of the Green hive at 37.3c degrees


Video showing temperature inside the entrance of a standard langstroth hive of 38.8c degrees


Another video showing another langstroth hive with temperature inside hive entrance of  38.7c degrees


Bees Collecting watre for the hive