Had a look in the antique box hive whilst at the yards placing match sticks under all the hive lids.


This colony started out as literally a handfull of bees and a purchased Italian queen from Kangaroo island back in October 2013

They were firsty placed in a standard longstrath 10 frame hive then later in December transfered to the Hardwood timber Antique hive I made at home.

There numbers still seem a little small to me but given the wet cold crapy weather we had all during spring It is not wholely unexpected.

They are slowely increasing there numbers and seem healthy and strong as a colony evn if numvers a lowish and are now filling out 4 or 5 of the frames in there hive.

They seem non plussed by the heat as there hive is well protected from the heat in many ways.

I will do another inspection on the weekend and see how they are doing and what affect the heat has had on this lovely colony of bees.

Italian Ligurian bees

With plenty of room to grow they will soon make up for lost time

Just beautiful
Pure breed Italian Ligurian Bees from Kangaroo Island  Australia
We have a number of different varieties of bees here in the Apiary but I can’t yet identify all of them.
They were very peaceful when I opened the lid for a look.

Of the 6 queens that we purchased we only had 3 survive.

We made some mistakes and 2 of them died and 1 ran away with all the bees !!!!!!