Super Hot Day at 44c or 112f Degrees Today

Some of the hottest weather in Melbourne’s history and still one more day to endure!!!!!!!!

I have discovered that there is precious little knowledge about keeping bees in super-hot climates or what happens when temperatures get really hot.
I did discover after reading part of my new beekeepers manual book that brood production shuts down at 38c or 100f degrees and after much research I discovered that at 50c or 122f degrees the adult bees will only survive for a short time of 1 to 2 hours.  This makes it vital for the bees to have lots of water nearby and to increase shade for the bees as best you can.  Check out the pictures of the extra foil covers and shade hats I added to each of my hives.

I will have to wait until the weekend to do a proper inspection of all the hives and i do expect to find many dead and dying bees with lives shortened by the heatwave.  What will be interesting is to see how long it takes for the hives to recover from such a tremendously hot week and what was the benefit or not of the extra shading hats and foil covers i placed on all the hives along with adding matchsticks under the covers to allow a little extra ventilation through all the hives.


Spent the early morning before it heated up cracking the lids and placing match stickes in the cracks of all my hives

This should allow a little extra ventilation in all the hives

All the hives are covered in reflective foil covers and extra wide hats added

Water is provided nice and close to the hives

Its all I can to at this time of extreem heat and stress for the bees

All the grass around the hives and the property is slowly dying and will all be brown within the next week or two


One good thing is I recieved some great books in the mail yesterday

The Beekeepers handbook is probably a must have for all beekeepers but any bee book is better than no bee book :)


I also managed to collect another load of FREE timber this week so thats great but its so hot I cant get into my shed


Sitting in my car waiting for a friend and its 40c plus

Ok yes I was bored so i made a selfi

hahahahahahahaha  Going mad in all this heat