Hive that remains Queenless


We have one hive that despite 4 attempts to allow them to make a new queen for themselves they are persistently stubborn in not making a queen.  This hive was part of a large 4 stack hive which was over populated and aggressive.  We decided to split the hive into 4 and carefully divided all the bees and brood into all the boxes equally.  Three of the boxes have done really well, one had the original queen and 2 made their own queens and were successful but this one group of bees from this 4 way split has remained queenless and we don’t know why.  There numbers have dropped but we placed new brood and eggs from another hive with the hope they would make a queen 4 times but no queen.  What are we doing wrong??  There are no drones so no workers laying eggs and no new eggs or brood to indicate a queen.

Anyway we have now ordered a new Queen from Queensland which will arrive in the next week or so and we will see if she is accepted or not but is this don’t work we will probably just integrate the remaining bees back into one of the other hives.  If you have any idea on what’s happening I would love to hear them.

What do you do with a hive that will not make there own queen from eggs supplied from another hive.

We have chosen to give them one last chance with a purchased queen

What would you do.