Getting started as a beekeeper

What are the basic essentials needed to get started as a beekeeper.  This will depend a little on the type of hive you choose and your DIY skills and your budget.  Most things in beekeeping can be either purchased or you can make your own if you want.  This list does not take into account how you will process any honey you gain from your hive.

Beehive. You will need a beehive, either a Langstroth o Warre hive made up of boxes, Top bars or frames, or a long box top-bar beehive.

Foundation. Foundation is what beekeepers use as a guide for the bees to draw out the comb, if you're using a foundation-based system or as a starter strip guide on top bars.

Bees! You can collect a local swarm in spring or find a local beekeeper that can help to provide you with bees.

Protective gear. A full suit or jacket is recommended for all beekeepers.

Gloves. Most people use leather beekeeping gloves but quality dishwashing gloves can suffice.

Smoker. A smoker helps to keep your bees calm when opening the hive.

Bee tools. At least one hive tool for helping to open and adjust your hive components.